Prayer For The Week – A Prayer For Transformation

I found this at Mustard Seed Associates

A Prayer For Transformation

by Andy Wade

Amazing God,
You created the heavens and the earth, declaring them “Good”.
Forgive us when we retain power and control over resources which are yours.
You formed man and woman in your image, placing them unashamed and unjudged in the garden.
Forgive us when we forget that all are created in your image.
You released your grip on us, setting us free to choose the path we would follow.
Forgive us when we control others instead of encouraging the gift of God within them.

You invite us to participate in the redemption of your creation.
Give us wisdom to steward the opportunities you place before us.
You call us to walk in humility, doing justice and loving mercy.
Show us how to partner with others in ways that honor your desire for relationships.
You transform our lives from darkness into light, from brokenness into wholeness.
Help us, O God, to offer ourselves as agents of your healing and hope to the world.


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