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Why Not. Bart?

More Flawed Opposition To A Public Healthcare Option

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it has become common for people who are against a public healthcare option to use everything they don’t like about the government as their defense.  Just yesterday I heard a radio personality on some Christian radio station say that because he didn’t like the way the speed limit was being set and enforced on a local toll road he was against a public healthcare option.  In other words, if the government has done anything that doesn’t seem right or smart it is scary to think about your healthcare being managed by the government.  This kind of logic is flawed in more than one way.

First and foremost, this kind of defense is fear based.  The people who are using it are in one of two camps – either they want you to be afraid or they are afraid (some may actually be in both camps).  Fear is never a good foundation for making rational decisions.  Fear keeps a lot of good people from doing the right thing everyday.

The logic is also flawed because it compares apples to oranges.  Our government is already involved in several levels of healthcare and seems to manage it fairly well.  That isn’t to say that there are no improvements to be made, but all in all it works.  My mother-in-law lived with us for seven years and I saw first hand how great medicare worked.  My dad was a war veteran and his VA health benefits were wonderful.  My mother-in-law and dad would have been much worse off without these government run programs.

Another reason the defense doesn’t hold water is because other countries make government run healthcare work just fine, and if they can do it, I say, “so can we.”  The opponents of the public option would like you to believe that people in other countries don’t like their healthcare, but time and time again this is proven to not be true.  Because of the wonderful way we can connect with people around the world through online social networking these days, I have friends in Canada and the UK. These friends love their government run healthcare programs, see them as a birthright, depend on them.  The systems work so well that the typically don’t give them a second thought and even take them for granted. We heard what British citizens thought of the NHS, their government run healthcare program, when the twitter hashtag #welovetheNHS trended on Twitter for several days as Brits of all ages and backgrounds tweeted their defense of the NHS.  And shortly after that Matte Black (@Shoq on twitter) and a friend took their video camera on vacation to interview Canadians about their health care system. Watch the video above for yourself.  (My favorite part of the video is the “deer in the headlights” look they get on their face when asked about a copay.)

It’s true – the government is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need the government or that the government can’t do anything good…and it certainly isn’t a good defense for opposing a public healthcare option.

#myPremium – Show America What This Is Costing Us


@Shoq on twitter started the hashtag #myPremium asking the twitterverse to:    “TWEET YOUR PREMIUM COST to #myPremium – Show America what this is costing us”   Here’s a sample of some of the tweets:

From Canada and British Columbia:

 AureliaCotta: 2 adults, 3 kids pay $0 for free health care in Canada. We’d be uninsurable in the US. #myPremium (via @Shoq)

 @Shoq My premium cost? $108 / month for a family of 4. 0$ deductible. 0$ co-pay. No recision. No PECs. Living in Canada though. 🙂

 @Hoptoad4 My insurance company is the British Columbia provincial health care plan. Government insurance is the best insurance. #mypremium

 HaidaPrincess: @Shoq holy smokes. I’m Canadian. Holy Smokes. I pay nothing and get everything. It’s unbelievable the cost u guys pay. #MyPremium #p2

 slackadjuster: RT @AlphabetSalad: $96/month for me/my husband. Complete coverage, no deductible, no co-pay (er, what’s a co-pay?). I’m in Canada #MyPremium

 From those who have no health insurance:

 faboomama: My family of 4 does not have health insurance because we can’t afford it & 2 of us can’t get covered: http://bit.ly/fNwT1 #myPremium

 blondetwit: #myPremium I don’t have one. No one will cover me 😦

 dotlizard: RT @faboomama My family of 4 doesn’t have hlth ins b/c we can’t afford it & 2 of us can’t get covered: http://bit.ly/fNwT1 #myPremium

  From those whose premiums keep going up and up and up:

 trianglman: My premium has increased 7% a year for five years, my pay has only increased 2-3%. Now 12% of my income goes to insurance #myPremium

 jillosopher: #MyPremium is up 38% in one yr. 2 adults. Our portion is $2400/yr (employer’s $9600.) copays up. I now pay $320/mo for Rxes. Was $40/mo.

 From those who pay too much and get too little:

 atlantalily1: @Shoq #myPremium $305, monthly Rx drugs cost +$350.

 murphysblues: #mypremium – to repeat (and correct): I pay just under $300/mo. for an indiv. plan w/a $5k deductible – gd. health care? Puhleese!

 ceut: .#mypremium I pay $250/mon w/ high co-pays. Employer, a non-profit, pays more than $5K/mo for 5 employees. HCR bill will force us to keep it

 JohnAmussen: So #myPremium is $435/mo w/a $2500 deductible & no dental/vision. This replaces a plan w/ $500 deductible at $957/mo.

 Aew1: #myPremium $478 monthly with $3000 deductible (per person) Regence Blueshield sucks! but so do the other individ ins. options WA state

 Telly222: RT @Shoq I pay over $320 a month for a crappy 80/20 plan with $1500 deductible. Such a deal! #MyPremium #p2 #hcr #publicOption

 From those whose premiums are outrageously high:

 Shannon_Ahern: I pay almost $1K/mo 4 BlueShield PPO (so we can KEEP R dr!) w/2K annual deductbl EACH&co-pays on ALL visits. #MyPremium #p2 (pls tag yours)

 mttsm: #mypremium $1200 a month. family of 8. Copays $25 and $50, medication costs for asthmatic kids $500 a month

 kristiewells: .@queenofspain @shoq: Me+Hubby (aged 41 & 40). No kids. Healthy. Independent consultants. $760/mo on HMO (incl vision+dental). #myPremium

 thewvp: #myPremium Family of 4. Full coverage+Life Insurance=$10,492.08 Annually.

 VDog: @QueenofSpain Since the huz just went self-employed our COBRA will be $1225/mo for huz, me, son – NO vision/dental #myPremium

 Pat120: #myPremium Just under $25,000/yr for three of us, family plan – self-employed

 janelane: #myPremium// $965 mo. 1 person. Was over $1000 mo so increased ded. to $5000.

 paulaivins: @Shoq $1800 mo for family, $2k ded, 10 to 20k in debt to hospital. increase every yr in Dec due to son’s leukemia #myPremium