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Advent 2012 – Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

This post is part of the December Synchroblog “Tell Me A Story” in which we are invited to tell an Advent story from our own life.  I will provide a list of the other contributors at the end of this post as they become available. I hope you will check them all out!

“The hard work of Advent reflection and waiting is mingled with the gift of time and space to dream new dreams, to bathe in pools of hope, and to stretch the canvas of our imagination wide enough for God to paint God’s own visions for our lives. Advent is a season for our imagination to run wild as we contemplate a God who becomes human. We are given a wider glimpse of God when we allow Advent to be an invitation to dream beyond our comfort zones of what we think can happen in our lives and what God can do. In Advent we receive four weeks to dwell on what God’s vision might be for us and for those we touch. Four weeks to dwell on how the courage of expanding our imagination might feed into the growing kingdom of God. Four weeks to gather our wits about us for another year; preparing our bodies, minds and spirits to receive the Christ child and take him out into the world for others to see and praise, worship and obey; the Christ with whom we dream big and imagine wildly.” 

Taken from the Preface of Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent  By Enuma Okoro


Years ago I had a dream that I was a student at an elite dance academy.  In the dream I was “a dancer” and I loved to dance and I loved the dance class. But I wasn’t just a dancer or someone who loved to dance, I was a very good dancer and I knew it and took great pride in the fact.

There was an important upcoming production that all the students were auditioning for and I was quite certain that I would get a part but I didn’t and I was very disappointed.

Next thing I know I am rehearsing with the dancers who were going to be in the show because one of them got sick, had to drop out and I was chosen to take her place. I was very excited and felt that I was just where I should be. The instructor was giving us direction and correcting us as we were rehearsing and then suddenly the rehearsal was over. As we were all walking out, the instructor asked me to stay behind for a moment. After the other dancers left she told me that I wouldn’t be able to be in the show because I just wasn’t good enough. I was crushed and devastated. I began to cry. I realized that I was not only disappointed about not being in the production but I was also very disappointed that the instructor did not think I was good.  How could this be happening to a good dancer like me?  If my good dancing didn’t make the instructor like me what in the world could I do to earn her approval and affection?

Then the scene suddenly changed, the way it does in dreams, and I was in a huge industrial kitchen.  I had no idea what I was doing there or why I was wearing a chef’s coat. I looked around and found a man preparing some food at one of the nearby steel counters. I walked over to him and asked him what was going on. He told me the Executive Chef was looking for a new Sous Chef and wanted to talk to me. I was completely dumbfounded! I knew I wasn’t much of a cook and certainly not capable of being a chef.  Why in the world would he want to talk to me? Where did I even get the chef’s coat I was wearing?  How did I get here? What in the world was going on?

Then suddenly a tall man all decked out in chef’s attire walked towards me with a huge smile on his face.

“Congratulations, Liz,” he said, “you got the job.”

“What job?” I asked.

He went on to explain that I had been awarded the Sous Chef position.

“But I’m not a good cook,” I exclaimed.

He just looked at me with that smile on his face and said, “I know … It’s because I love you.”

And then I woke up.


Sometimes dreams do come true.

So go ahead this Advent season and dream big and imagine wildly!


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30 Days of Gratitude – Day Twenty Eight – Words


Today I am thankful for words.

I love words – reading them, speaking them, hearing them, writing them.

Without words there would be no books, no blogs, no lyrics, no conversations, no news, no love letters, no words with friends, no emails … okay, so no emails might be good on some days LOL.

But seriously … where would we be without words.

30 Days of Gratitude – Day Twenty Five – Fresh Fruit


Today I am thankful for fresh fruit.

What a luxury it is to be able to go to the store or market and buy fresh fruit!

I love fresh fruit and I usually take it for granted but today I am taking the time to give thanks for fresh fruit.

Strawberries, pineapple, apples, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit, raspberries, pomegranates, watermelon … there are so many delicious kinds.

One of my favorite things to do is cut up a bunch of fresh fruit, mix it together and sprinkle with a little splenda!  Healthy and delicious!

30 Days of Gratitude – Day Twenty Three – Musicals


Today I am thankful for Musicals.

I have always loved musicals.  All kinds of musicals.  Movies, tv shows, stage productions – even animated musicals.

Some of my favorites are Hairspray, The Sound of Music, Beauty and The Beast, The Wizard of Oz, All That Jazz, Little Shop of Horrors, Glee, Chicago, Across The Universe, Wicked.

And I am especially excited to see the movie Les Miserables this month in the theatres.

What did I leave out that you love?

30 Days of Gratitude – Day Twenty Two – Clean Water


Today I am thankful for having access to clean water.

What a blessing it is to have water that comes out of the tap ready to drink, to clean with, to cook with.

What a blessing that I don’t have to walk long distances and carry heavy containers to get clean water or worry about getting diseases from water.

When you have always had access to clean water it is easy to take it for granted but today I am taking the time to give thanks for clean water.