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married, two sons, follower of Jesus Christ

What I Like:

movies, reading, decorating, music, dvr’s, Texas, writing, the beach, entertaining, tex-mex, podcasts, talking, being a friend


Wow – I am finally blogging.  I have thought about blogging for a long time but just kept putting it off.  One thing that has kept me from starting a blog before now is that I thought it would be technically difficult…but the good people at wordpress.com have made it easier than email, itunes, aim, word, excel and all the other mind blowing computer things that I do.  The other thing that has delayed my dream of blogging from coming true is that I had to come up with a name for my blog.  Unfortunately, the good people at wordpress could not help me there – except to tell me that my first five choices were already taken.  It was hard but I finally settled on ”Grace Rules”. I chose that name because it is a principle that I am trying to put to work in my life.  I have a history of falling more into the “law, absolute truth, this is what I believe, these are my convictions, rules” category but I am trying to break free of that.  Now the question is…what will I blog about?  Life, family, faith, books, movies, technology, the emergent conversation, church, friendships, serving, community……maybe I should have called my blog jabberwocky!  LOL

8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Joseph

    Greetings! I like reading this blog. I am part of a small group of believers in Ghana that meet at homes following the model of the Acts 2 church.

    We will welcome an opportunity of communicating with other believers like you, with hope that such will bring encouragements, edification and inspirations to all. You can learn more about our fellowship at: http://www.africanhandwork.com/believersgrace/

    In Christ,

  3. Becky


    I just read your post on Queermergent and was totally overwhelmed at your love for your son. Thank you for sharing your story. I recently ‘came out’ to my Dad and his reaction has been what I expected- shock, harsh and judgmental calls for repentance, and questioning my relationship with God. Though I have never had a close or good relationship with my Dad, I do hope that we can have some kind of relationship in the future. Thank you for giving me hope. I like to think, if my Mom were alive today, that she would believe and feel about me the way you do about your son. Thank you again for your story. I look forward to following your blog.

    1. gracerules Post author

      Becky, Thanks for letting me know that you read my story and that it had an impact. I know it took a lot of courage and strength to come out to your Dad and I am so very sorry about his reaction. I will be praying for both of you as you navigate through your present situation. It is a real balancing act for you to stand up against verbal attacks and remain loving, humble and compassionate – I pray that God will give you special wisdom and strength I also pray that He will give you people in your life to support you, love you and walk beside you.

  4. Susan

    Hi –
    I don’t know if you’ve been reading in your local paper about the ‘controversy’ concerning the Living Learning Communities at TCU. My daughter is Shelly Newkirk – and I have been searching all of the articles written on this issue and hence came across your eloquent essay about your son. Seeing that you are from Dallas really spoke to me that I am meant to introduce myself. I am a 49 year old mother of two daughters. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes shortly after fleeing Hurricane Katrina while attending Tulane University. My youngest daughter came out as a lesbian after her first year at TCU. She is very involved in Gay rights on campus and honestly, I am scared to death for her. To say that the years since my daughters became college age have been more challenging than all of their growing up years combined, is an understatement. I am a Christian who is also a spiritual writer. I find my connection to Spirit to be the ONE thing that keeps me on an even keel. Knowing that we are all one in God no matter what ‘personae’ we place before the world, has really given me Faith and Hope that all is as it should be. Thanks again for your wonderful and honest essay on the ’emergent’ website. It was a wonderful help for me. I’ve always told my daughters that sexual preference is genetic and God loves everyone. It’s the ‘ignorant’ souls among us who scare me to death.



    1. gracerules Post author


      It is nice to meet you. I had heard something about the TCU living communities and now that I googled it I see that your daughter was the one that proposed the idea. I also saw that the idea has been nixed. That must be very disappointing. I am so sorry

      I understand what you mean about being afraid for your daughter as we hate to see out children have to face opposition.

      I am glad that you enjoyed the post I wrote and that it was helpful to you. I think your daughter is very fortunate that you were always so accepting of her. As you are, I am so sorry that there is so much hate and persecution towards homosexuals and hope that my small part of speaking out will cause others to really examine why they believe what they do.

      Do you have a blog or a book that I could connect with?


  5. becky

    Thanks for the comment on Next Wave – ‘preciate the support as it’s been rough lately – send me your email address to bgthedoor@aol.com and I’ll make sure you get a release re: the next book – the themes I raised there are also in the book. It’s out February 2010 from Zondervan.


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