Three Things Tuesday: LOST, The God Imagination and God Is Not Male

First Thing:

(the promotional photo of the Lost poster belongs to ABC/Touchstone TV)

Being a big, huge, humongous, gigantic, colossal, enormous, monumental, epic fan of the tv show LOST, I have to mention that the final episode of the series aired this week.  I personally thought the finale was fantastic, but some long- time fans don’t feel the same way.  Some feel there were too many questions left unanswered – others feel the finale revealed that they had been duped for six years because they were under the impression that the show was about the mystery of the island and the finale was all about the characters, their lifes and their relationships with each other.

Now don’t get me wrong – I loved all of the mysterious stuff, all the theories and how when one question was answered I was left with 6 new ones … but I’ve known all along that this was a character driven show and that in the end it would be about the characters.  IMO enough questions were answered and the ones that have not been answered are a gift – in that we can still have many great and passionate conversations about our theories.

In the end LOST was about people, their struggles, their flaws, their fears, their guilt, their failures, their hopes, their successes, their dreams, their progress, their relationships, their redemption and the part that community or the lack of community plays in the life of people.

I feel that the writers, the actors and the producers have been true to that idea from the beginning to the end of this series and I think they created one heck of a backdrop that kept me coming back week after week as they told the story of some very dark, personal journeys.

I will definitely miss the show and all the community that was created around the show.  Thanks for the good times, the good lessons and the good memories.

Second Thing:

Jonathan Brink has just announced that his book “Discovering The God Imagination, Reframing Suffering, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Gospel Story is now available for pre-order.  The book offers a new conversation about how we understand the gospel, the problem that God is solving and how we can participate in the solution to the problem.  I’m really looking forward to reading this book and have already placed my order.  Go here today and pre-order one for yourself.  (I also recommend that you take a look at Jonathan’s blog which always has interesting content)

Third Thing:

Tony Jones is currently exploring an apophatic approach to God.  His first apophatic statement is:  “God Is Not Male”.

I have no idea how many statements Tony will share with us but several interesting things came out of this one post. One thing that I found interesting was that people were showing up to argue against the statement – I don’t really know what to say about that because even in my most conservative “the bible says it and so it is true” days I never thought the Bible said anything at all about God having a particular gender or even that God was both female and male.  I have always understood scripture to indicate that God was beyond gender.

Another interesting thing that developed out of my interaction with the statement “God Is Not Male” was that I was reminded that I naturally and unconsciously put God in a box all the time and that I must be very intentional to struggle against limiting God to my own imagination in hopes that I will recognize any divine revelation if God sees fit to lay one on me.

What do you think about the statement “God Is Not Male”?  What apophatic statement would you make about God?

6 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday: LOST, The God Imagination and God Is Not Male

  1. Steve

    I only recently heard about “Lost”, and it sounds like i ought to be sorry I missed it. Perhaps I’ll be able to catch reruns some time.

  2. Colleen

    I’ve been wondering what your reaction was to the finale of LOST. I was disappointed in so many negative reactions at first but then I realized anyone who didn’t get the end for whatever reason just wasted 6 years of getting what this show was all about. I mean ppl were really, really angry they didn’t get all their answers & explanations & one person from a friend’s posting said she thought it was “lazy”. Then I understood that sadly many ppl today have forgotten how to use their imaginations. They wanted everything tied up into a neat package. But, when over 6 years did that ever happen on LOST so why would it happen in the finale? I, too, will miss the community it formed over the years & the wonderment of it all. I really loved the journey & cried watching it because I was saying good-bye to characters I had grown to care for so much over the past few years. Here’s my breakdown of it & it pretty much goes w/ yours.

    LOST was a show that had many twists & turns as did the finale. A show of interpretations & imagination, science vs. faith, chance vs. fate. Setting up two opposing possibilities is a “Lost” move. Everyone’s on the island for a reason. Or is it just a coincidence. The survivors traveled back in time to change things. Or was it fated from the start. The overall theme was amazing-everyone touches everyone else in life in some way. there is no HERE and NOW! It’s all real, it all happened, it is your perception. It still left questions Which made the show great for six years! I didn’t think all of it would have been answered cuz if it had it wouldn’t be LOST!!! The unanswered is what is left to our own imagination. In the end, it isn’t about answering questions — it’s about the journey, about the movement from one perspective to another. It’s about creating something intriguing & multi-layered, again giving us a chance to use our imaginations along with our beliefs of what our lives are, why we are here, & what the ppl in our lives represent to us while we are living & in our after-life whatever you believe that after-life to be. I realized after watching the finale if I had gotten all the answers to every single ??? I would have been disappointed. Every theory you apply falls short because there’s always an equal amount of evidence to support the opposing view. So again it is all about your own imagination & interpretation leaving the door open to wonder about it again & again making this a work of art that we do not get very often in TV series these days.

    1. gracerules Post author

      That was beautiful, Colleen. It actually brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of the art that LOST is and how that art moves me.


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