Just Because We Can’t See It….


 Back in November of last year the United Nations’s food aid agency called on budding film-makers to help raise awareness of hunger and bring the reality of abject poverty and suffering to the YouTube generation.

The World Food Programme (WFP) launched a contest for “edgy 30 or 60 second video(s) that would make the online community buzz about global hunger.”

“For those of us doing the day-in, day-out backbreaking work of getting food to hungry people, it’s sometimes discouraging how few people understand that hunger stalks and kills a child every five seconds,” said WFP communications director Nancy Roman.

The five best films will be posted on the WFP’s YouTube site, with the overall winner receiving a trip to one of the agency’s relief operations.

Film-makers stand a better chance of winning if they get play on blogs or networking sites like Facebook or MySpace before the competition’s July 2008 deadline, WFP says.

The creator of the video receiving the most views by World Food Day (5pm GMT October 16, 2008) will be sent with a friend to make a video at a WFP relief operation in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/hungerbytes


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