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#myPremium – Show America What This Is Costing Us


@Shoq on twitter started the hashtag #myPremium asking the twitterverse to:    “TWEET YOUR PREMIUM COST to #myPremium – Show America what this is costing us”   Here’s a sample of some of the tweets:

From Canada and British Columbia:

 AureliaCotta: 2 adults, 3 kids pay $0 for free health care in Canada. We’d be uninsurable in the US. #myPremium (via @Shoq)

 @Shoq My premium cost? $108 / month for a family of 4. 0$ deductible. 0$ co-pay. No recision. No PECs. Living in Canada though. 🙂

 @Hoptoad4 My insurance company is the British Columbia provincial health care plan. Government insurance is the best insurance. #mypremium

 HaidaPrincess: @Shoq holy smokes. I’m Canadian. Holy Smokes. I pay nothing and get everything. It’s unbelievable the cost u guys pay. #MyPremium #p2

 slackadjuster: RT @AlphabetSalad: $96/month for me/my husband. Complete coverage, no deductible, no co-pay (er, what’s a co-pay?). I’m in Canada #MyPremium

 From those who have no health insurance:

 faboomama: My family of 4 does not have health insurance because we can’t afford it & 2 of us can’t get covered: http://bit.ly/fNwT1 #myPremium

 blondetwit: #myPremium I don’t have one. No one will cover me 😦

 dotlizard: RT @faboomama My family of 4 doesn’t have hlth ins b/c we can’t afford it & 2 of us can’t get covered: http://bit.ly/fNwT1 #myPremium

  From those whose premiums keep going up and up and up:

 trianglman: My premium has increased 7% a year for five years, my pay has only increased 2-3%. Now 12% of my income goes to insurance #myPremium

 jillosopher: #MyPremium is up 38% in one yr. 2 adults. Our portion is $2400/yr (employer’s $9600.) copays up. I now pay $320/mo for Rxes. Was $40/mo.

 From those who pay too much and get too little:

 atlantalily1: @Shoq #myPremium $305, monthly Rx drugs cost +$350.

 murphysblues: #mypremium – to repeat (and correct): I pay just under $300/mo. for an indiv. plan w/a $5k deductible – gd. health care? Puhleese!

 ceut: .#mypremium I pay $250/mon w/ high co-pays. Employer, a non-profit, pays more than $5K/mo for 5 employees. HCR bill will force us to keep it

 JohnAmussen: So #myPremium is $435/mo w/a $2500 deductible & no dental/vision. This replaces a plan w/ $500 deductible at $957/mo.

 Aew1: #myPremium $478 monthly with $3000 deductible (per person) Regence Blueshield sucks! but so do the other individ ins. options WA state

 Telly222: RT @Shoq I pay over $320 a month for a crappy 80/20 plan with $1500 deductible. Such a deal! #MyPremium #p2 #hcr #publicOption

 From those whose premiums are outrageously high:

 Shannon_Ahern: I pay almost $1K/mo 4 BlueShield PPO (so we can KEEP R dr!) w/2K annual deductbl EACH&co-pays on ALL visits. #MyPremium #p2 (pls tag yours)

 mttsm: #mypremium $1200 a month. family of 8. Copays $25 and $50, medication costs for asthmatic kids $500 a month

 kristiewells: .@queenofspain @shoq: Me+Hubby (aged 41 & 40). No kids. Healthy. Independent consultants. $760/mo on HMO (incl vision+dental). #myPremium

 thewvp: #myPremium Family of 4. Full coverage+Life Insurance=$10,492.08 Annually.

 VDog: @QueenofSpain Since the huz just went self-employed our COBRA will be $1225/mo for huz, me, son – NO vision/dental #myPremium

 Pat120: #myPremium Just under $25,000/yr for three of us, family plan – self-employed

 janelane: #myPremium// $965 mo. 1 person. Was over $1000 mo so increased ded. to $5000.

 paulaivins: @Shoq $1800 mo for family, $2k ded, 10 to 20k in debt to hospital. increase every yr in Dec due to son’s leukemia #myPremium