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Advent: A Journey of Awakening


– by Sharlande Sledge

Wake us up, God!

Here we are,

rubbing the sleep out of our eyes,

still drowsy and dozing.

And you, Emmanuel God,

are awake with life,

coming to us from on high

to startle us with incarnation.


Stretching and yawning

from ordinary time,

we stumble to the door of your Advent.

At first we may not recognize

the outline of your face.

The night is too much with us,

but the dawning is with you.

The light whispers your coming.


So wake us up, Lord Jesus.

Wake us when our expectations are too low.

Wake us up when our expectations are too high.

Wake us when we least expect it.

Wake us to your everlasting light.

(pg. 3 Prayers and Litanies for the Christian Seasons)


Advent is very much about awakening – shaking off our spiritual slumber and opening up our hearts and minds to the sacred, awakening to the divinity that dwells within us, to the presence of God and his will for our lives.

Over 500 years ago Ignatius of Loyola said that the most important of all the spiritual disciplines is not meditation, but what he calls the “awareness examine.”  The awareness-examine was a spiritual exercise he gave to the Jesuits and to anyone who came to him for spiritual direction.  Its design was to examine how aware or awake one was to God in his or her life.  Ignatius suggested that at the end of each day, one would sit and ask oneself, “When was I most aware of life today?  In what event or idea or transaction was life present in a strong form in my day?”

This Advent I am asking myself these questions each evening:

Was I awake to God’s coming into my life today?

When was I most alive today?

In what event or idea or transaction did I experience the Advent of God in my day?

And each morning I am praying:

Wake me up, God.  Here I am.


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