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The Missional Synchroblog

image from: http://kingdomgrace.wordpress.com/2007/07/27/a-more-generous-view/


Rick Meigs over at Blind Beggar has voiced his concern about the overuse and misuse of the word “missional”.  In an attempt to reclaim and give a proper definition to the term “missional”, he put out a call for a global synchroblog on the topic.  Go here for Rick’s comments and to find the links to all 50 respondents (responses were posted on June 23, 2008).


Here are some snippets from some of the responses:


From Bill Kinnon :  This is not a two-year, three-year, five-year or even ten-year plan. This is a lifetime’s engagement with the communities where we have been strategically placed by the hand of God.


From Sonja Andrews : Missional is about loving my neighbor and that can be expressed in thousands of ways.


From Brother Maynard :  To be missional is to engage with the “other” solely for their sake.


From Grace : “Out Not In”  “With Not For”  “Us Not Them”


From Tim Thompson : An alternative lifestyle where your top priorities are all about signing on to God’s project to repair the World because you want to do that work. That’s missional.


From Erica Haub : I hope that those of us seeking to imitate an incarnate God really understand that that means following a crucified One.


From Duncan McFadzean :  Missional is a call to a life of justice, a life of deep community and a life of authentic worship.


From Makeesha Fisher :  Talking about missional really needs to be comunicated in terms of what one does, how one lives. The ‘now me’ would say to the ‘then me’, get out and live, cancel at least half of your church commitments, drop out of most of your Bible studies and prayer groups and GET OUT THERE!


From Alan Hirsch : Mission always sets our Agenda and Incarnation must always describe our Way.


Hope you enjoy the discussion – and feel free to comment if something is on your mind.