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Hello world!

Wow – I am finally blogging.  I have thought about blogging for a long time but just kept putting it off.  One thing that has kept me from starting a blog before now is that I thought it would be technically difficult…but the good people at wordpress.com have made it easier than email, itunes, aim, word, excel and all the other mind blowing computer things that I do.  The other thing that has delayed my dream of blogging from coming true is that I had to come up with a name for my blog.  Unfortunately, the good people at wordpress could not help me there – except to tell me that my first five choices were already taken.  It was hard but I finally settled on “Grace Rules”. I chose that name because it is a principle that I am trying to put to work in my life.  I have a history of falling more into the “law, absolute truth, this is what I believe, these are my convictions, rules” category but I am trying to break free of that.  Now the question is…what will I blog about?  Life, family, faith, books, movies, technology, the emergent conversation, church, friendships, serving, community……maybe I should have called my blog jabberwocky!  LOL