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Calling All Movie Lovers

Here’s the opening scene of “The Holiday” – it pulls you right in from the beginning…

Eugene Cho over at beauty and depravity had some pretty intense conversations going on in the last week about abortion and the oppression of women

On Wednesday he decided to lighten things up a bit and asked

“what are the films that have influenced you the most and why?”  (he noted this: “I’m not necessarily asking for your favorite films or what you think is the most influential film to impact cinema but rather, the film that influenced YOU.“)

It was hard for me to decide what to list as I love movies and have been influenced by so many.  I tried to pick out three that no one else had mentioned at that point and listed these:

 “Cold Mountain” a beautiful movie about love and loyalty that I found inspiring and moving,

“In Her Shoes” a message about the hope and possibility of transformation for any and all – plus it had some good poetry in it

“Legend of the Fall” all about the importance and power of family.

He also mentioned he needed some help with “favorite chick flicks” so I offered a few…

Love Actually – So many stories – so many happy endings!!!

You’ve Got Mail – Finding true love where you least expect it.

The Holiday – Kate Winslet’s monologues are great and Cameron Diaz and Jude Law sizzle together.

My Best Friends Wedding – Lots of laughs – the restaurant scene where they all sing “I Say A Little Prayer” is a classic.

Sleepless In Seattle – Meg Ryan at her best!

Step Mom – A real tear jerker.

Dirty Dancing – We still use the line “nobody puts baby in a corner” and laugh about getting even with someone by dancing (lol).

An Officer and A Gentleman – This is the movie that made so many women fall in love with Richard Gere.

When Harry Met Sally – Funny and sweet.  The restaurant scene where Meg demonstrates how women can fake pleasure is hilarious.

Father Of The Bride – Funny and sentimental.  Steve Martin and Diane Keaton are hilarious…oh, and I love the wedding planner character!

Top Gun – A chick flick that my husband actually likes!  Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis have great chemistry.

Jerry Maguire – It catches you from the first scene and has some great one liners: “Show Me The Money” and “You had me at hello”

Titanic – True romance!

City Of Angels – Love and tragedy – boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

What Women Want – Mel Gibson is so funny in this –  I especially love the singing and dancing scene he does.

The Notebook – You need a box of kleenex but it is worth it.


I am a lover of movies and am hoping that someone out there will turn me on to some great movies that I may have missed in the past or remind me of something I haven’t seen in a while.  Because of Eugene’s list I have already decided that I am going to watch The Joy Luck Club this month.


What do you have to add?  Let Eugene  (and me too) know what movie has influenced you the most and why.  I would also love to just know your favs and what it was that made them your favs.  So sound off…