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Celebrity Siting (sort of)

When I was in my twenties I lived in Los Angeles, CA for three years.  It was fun.  Besides enjoying the beach and the weather I also got a kick out of celebrity sitings (sometimes that meant just seeing them, sometimes it included an autograph and sometimes it was an actual conversation).  To name just a few of the biggies … Barbra Streisand, George Burns, Shelley Winters, Elvis Presley, Doris Day, John Travolta (actually the whole Welcome Back, Kotter cast) and Burt Reynolds were some of the most memorable celebrity sitings during my time in L.A.

Since moving back to Texas my celebrity sitings are far and few between.  I did have the opportunity to meet most of the Dallas TV show cast back in the 1980s at the Southfork ranch where they filmed a lot of the show.  And when I went to New York a couple of summers ago I saw Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth up close and got some autographs.  Oh, and I almost forgot, I had the privilege of meeting the author, Nicholas Sparks last year, at a special screening of a movie that was made from one of his books.  But, it is unusual for me to see someone famous these days.

Anyway, today I saw a celebrity (sort of) at lunch…I ran up to the Subway near my office to grab a chicken/bacon ranch sandwich and there was Jared, the subway guy.  He was making a sandwich behind the counter and joking around with everyone.  There were some camera crews there – maybe they were filming a Subway commercial or maybe it was something to do with Jared’s foundation – I’m not sure what was going on.

I took the opportunity to snap a pic with my blackberry (don’t know the two women in the picture – they were just some customers getting their picture taken with Jared) and I got to thinking how much I like celebrity sitings.

Does that make me shallow?

Ellen is tweeting on twitter


I am a big Ellen DeGeneres fan was very excited yesterday when I found out she was on twitter.   (here’s her profile)

I started following her immediately, which was just 23 hours after her first update.  I tweeted her and remarked that she had been twittering for 23 hours, had posted 7 updates, was following 3 people and had 23,000+ followers.  She immediately sent out an update asking for everyone to get as many people as possible to follow her as she wanted to see how many followers she could get by the time she was on Leno last night.  As of today she has 60,000+ followers. Oh – and she and Leno talked and joked about twitter during his show. If she continues to update I think she could be a fun person to follow. 

If you want to see other celebrities I follow check me out on twitter here. Follow me and I will let you know when I discover more new and interesting twitterers.