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Three Things Tuesday

Here are three things that I ran across recently that piqued my interest:

1. I ran across this over at and thought it was really good.

2. While I was surfing the web for stories about the situation in Haiti I ran across “The Livesay (Haiti) Weblog” In their own words they are “A big family from Minnesota living and serving in Haiti.”  Troy and Tara Livesay, and their five children (which I think has grown to “seven” now) moved to Haiti in 2006 because they had a heart for the people there and wanted to serve them.  They live in Port au Prince, were at home when the earthquake hit, have set up a hospital of sorts in their home and have posted every day since the earthquake. The first hand, personal stories have been informative and moving.  Be sure and check out the blog.

3. Out of Ur has started a new series on eternal damnation with the following video.  Check it out and join the conversation.

A Lesson In Synonyms

Grace over at Kingdom Grace posted the following: 

Postmodern does not equal relativist.

Modern does not equal christian.

Truth does not equal certainty.

Mystery does not equal doubt.

Inerrant does not equal exact.

Narrative does not equal fable.

Missional does not equal social gospel.

Inclusion does not equal pluralism.

Justice does not equal democrat.

Christian does not equal republican.

Those commenting added:

Catechisms and creeds do not equal the Gospel.

Prosperity does not equal health and wealth.

Calamity does not equal God’s wrath.

Bigger does not equal better.

Kingdom does not equal heaven.

Coffee in the lobby does not equal fellowship.

Do you have any to add?