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Bridge Builder Award



Wooo Hooo!!!  I won an award for my blog!!!  You may not have heard about it as it is an award that was recently created by Wendy over at “Burning or Building Bridges In The Community?”   I’ll let her describe what it’s all about:

The bridge builder award  is pretty simple really. Think of a blogger or web writer you know who, in their connections with others, really has a heart for building bridges between all different types of people. Someone who leaves you with a little more hope, humor, humility, happiness.

My post for the Bridging The Gap Synchroblog  and the conversation that was generated from that post was what grabbed Wendy’s attention.

Be sure and check out Wendy’s blog.  She started her blog after she was fired from a non-profit organization strictly because of her sexual orientation. 

I want to say that I am humbled and thrilled to accept the Bridge Builder’s Award!!!!!!!!!!