30 Days of Gratitude – Day Seventeen – My Pets


Today I am grateful for my pets!

I have a beautiful black cat named Sugar and a playful Pomeranian named Romeo.

They bring me lots of joy everyday!

Sugar is the softest cat I’ve ever touched.  She definitely has an attitude!  She doesn’t care for “the dog” (which is how I imagine her thinking of Romeo).  She really doesn’t like anyone but our family coming into our home.  I know this because when anyone else comes inside she hides in the closet or under the bed.  Most of our friends and family members either don’t know we have a cat or have forgotten about her because they never see her.  BUT, she loves her people and when no one else is around the dog is off taking a nap she’ll sit in the lap of one of us and purr while we pet her.

Everyone knows we have a dog.  Romeo has a way of making his presence known.  He’s bossy and loves attention.  He is always in the middle of whatever we are doing.  He’s not the best behaved dog BUT he doesn’t tear anything up and he has never acted mad towards anyone.  Everytime we come home he greets us like it has been ages since he last saw us.  He loves us, loves us to love him and is a loyal companion and friend.  He makes me laugh pretty much everyday.

I am thankful for Sugar and Romeo!


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