Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude – Day Fifteen – Electricity

Today I am thankful for electricity.

It’s something we don’t think about a lot until we don’t have it.

Due to Hurricane Sandy a lot of people in the East have been without power recently and it is a reminder how difficult it is to be without electricity.

Reading at night, regulating the temperature in your home, keeping foods refrigerated, enjoying a tv show, having an alarm wake you up, washing and drying clothes … we depend on electricity for so many things – it makes so much of life easier and more entertaining.

Today I am thankful for electricity!

30 Days of Gratitude – Day Fourteen – My Parents

Today I am thankful for my parents!

Both of my parents are deceased.  My mother died in 1993 and my father died in 2001.  I still miss them a lot and I think of them often.

I was fortunate to have two very wonderful parents!  They weren’t perfect but they loved me well and I benefited greatly from their love.

They both left this world too soon imo.  I would have loved to have spent many more days with them.

Thanks Mom and Dad! … for loving me unconditionally, for believing the best about me, for always being there for me, for teaching me how to persevere, for demonstrating to me how to be a good neighbor and friend, for being such good role models on how to be a healthy and loving family, and for showing me how to enjoy life.