30 Days of Gratitude – Day One – My Job

I heard something about a “30 days of gratitude” project on Facebook about a week ago but there was no mention of any details.  So I Googled.  Turns out there are several similar projects.   Some invite people to list five things they are thankful for every day for 30 days, some invite people to take a photo of something they are grateful for 30 days in a row, some invite people to use a specific app to journal their gratitude.  Some have happened in the past and some are going on right now.  In other words – this isn’t an original idea by yours truly. However, I love the idea, especially in light of this month’s synchroblog theme “The Spiritual Practice of Gratitude” and so, I thought I would participate in my own way … which will be to  blog about “one” thing I am grateful for every day for thirty days in a row.

Some of the posts will be very short and to the point and some will be longer with more detail.  Like I said, it’s not my idea but I’m doing it my own way.

I will jot down something I’m grateful for every morning but I may not always get a chance to post every day, therefore, some days I will publish more than one “30 Days of Gratitude” post.

Here’s Day One:

Today I am thankful for my job. I’ve been at my present job for about 6 years now. I was out of the work place for about 5 years and was fortunate to find my present position (through a friend who worked for the company) when I was ready to go back to work. This position was the first and only interview I went on back in 2006.

I work with and for some great people. Things have changed quite a bit in the last several years but I still report to the same people and they are wonderful to work for. They are the kind of bosses that often work harder and longer than their employees – which is inspiring and motivating.

AND on top of that I have a four day a week work schedule which gives me every Friday, Saturday and Sunday off!!

Having the extra day off every week is a real luxury. There may come a day when I have to once again work on Fridays but until then I will enjoy my three day weekends!

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