This post is a contribution to the November synchroblog “Calling us out of numbness”  I will post links to the other contributions at the end of this post as they become available.

There is immense silent agony in the world, and the task of man is to be a voice for the plundered poor, to prevent the desecration of the soul and the violation of our dream of honesty. The more deeply immersed I became in the thinking of the prophets, the more powerfully it became clear to me what the lives of the Prophets sought to convey: that morally speaking, there is no limit to the concern one must feel for the suffering of human beings, that indifference to evil is worse than evil itself, that in a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible.  – Abraham Joshua Heschel

I can’t get behind the idea of a modern day prophet that can tell you what is going to happen in the future or even the idea of someone who “received a word” from God that was intended for another.  I guess I would say that I believe that kind of prophesying has ceased.  However, I do believe that there are modern day prophets who are inspired and used by God – sometimes unknowingly.

I believe there are men and women today who speak with prophetic voices, who not only speak for God but for those who are weak and oppressed.  These prophetic voices often speak against those who allow power, wealth, position and even self-righteousness to blind them to doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.  These men and women appear to be empowered by a vision of how things should be and could be. They won’t settle for the status quo for the sake of conserving tradition, they won’t be silent in order to avoid offending someone, they won’t turn a blind eye to oppression or injustice, they won’t be quiet. And yet, not everyone who speaks out against injustice can be considered a prophet.  A true prophetic voice is one that is not arrogant and takes no joy in being harsh.  They are more likely to feel sad, or even afraid, rather than angry as they stand firm against those who are obstacles to justice and mercy.  Their role as a prophet has no connection to ambition or power.

When we think about prophetic voices, people who have upset the status quo, who have been willing to accept the dangers that come with stirring up the world, we might think of names like John the Baptist, Jesus, Ghandi, Jeremiah and Martin Luther King; but sometimes prophets are found in unlikely places – sometimes a prophetic voice comes from an unlikely person.

I believe that I have heard a prophetic voice from my friend who has a ministry that focuses on building relationships with homeless people, from my son who is a gay Christian, from a participant in the Occupy Wall Street protest, from an atheist and from a whistle blower … and all of that happened fairly recently.

Let the person who has ears listen!


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18 thoughts on “Listen

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  2. Kenneth Foster


    To my ears I think not as I read the screams of the religious and multitudes of others regarding the one world religion as it gathers pace more than I ever thought possible. The fear, the near panic in the written words of people all over the place, seemingly scared stiff as man and woman attempt to find their place in the future; simply because they are now going to realise that to their horror God is displaying before them their iniquities all on different levels appertaining to their dark side. And it is all being delivered to them by their God through every ones own religion, and the stench of remorse is rancid as the offenders step up their attempts to find a way out of this hell that awaits them; and are trying to defend themselves as they try to put the blame into the court of the devil.

    The hierarchy and many prominent people seem to be in a race to take a position on the highest level of service that may come available to them, and they will as ever attempt to take it at whatever level it shall be open to them at anyone else’s cost.

    But God has already informed the people through all of my writings and those of others as to what he has in place for them; and hundreds of thousands of people are not going to like it because the MEEK this time will inherit the earth. I say to those who have attempted to pillory me through the written or spoken word will from this day forth by the hand of God; be shown their own demons and devil within themselves and have a very bad time, that is until they ask God for his forgiveness, and if they do not do so and yet again defile my purpose and person by the active written or spoken word upon their heads be it.

    Yes this is the end times being levered several levels up the scales of Justice, Gods justice, and now he tells me to say “I told you so more than enough, and I tell you again reap as you have sown and suffer not my children not by my hand but by your own”

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  5. Jeremy Myers

    Great post.

    I think that God spoke to me through a Satanist this week. Really. I don’t know. Maybe it would be too much to say that “God spoke to me” through him, but this man did say something about my life, which God had been saying to me for a quite a while, and which I had been ignoring.

    1. Liz Post author

      Jeremy – you always seem to get me! I don’t know if that says something good or bad about you (LOL) but it makes me feel good :>)

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