Quotes Worth Repeating – Orthoparadoxy

“Orthoparadoxy is an effort to make God’s main thing the main thing for all the people of God: reconciliation. Not sameness or agreement but differentiated oneness – where the fullness of one can be in relationship with the fullness of another. Orthoparadox is right paradox – holding difference rightly. Orthoparadox seeks to hold difference, tensions, otherness, and paradoxes with grace, humility, respect, and curiosity, while simultaneously bringing the fullness of self to the ‘other’ in conversation, not to convert or to convince but with the hope of mutual transformation through interpersonal relationship.”    Dwight Friesen

(image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjfry/323461344/ )

6 thoughts on “Quotes Worth Repeating – Orthoparadoxy

    1. David

      You’re assuming a great deal. My certainty has nothing to do with it…I’m asking how the lack of an objective reality be lived out in life?

      1. gracerules Post author

        A chastened epistemology doesn’t negate one from living out their beliefs with conviction. I believe and I do my best to live out my beliefs while at the same time remaining humble enough to stay in touch with the real possibility that I may be wrong about some or even a lot of what I believe. It helps me in my relationship with God and with others. It helps me remain teachable. In my experience it has strengthened my faith. Uncertainty and doubt are not the opposites of faith – without uncertainty and doubt faith isn’t needed.

  1. David

    Mr. Friesen doesn’t seem to think anything is certain…and yet, it seems, he’s certain that orthoparadoxy is right paradox. How does that work? Do we simply synthesize a third way from his two conflicting statements?

      1. David

        So the end result is that if a person holds a particular belief loosely everything is as it should be with the world? I hope I don’t sound like a pragmatist here…but how would this actually work in the real world with opposing viewpoints at play?


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