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Prayer For The Week – Springtime Prayer


Springtime Prayer by Joyce Rupp 

Ever-renewing and energizing Creator,

Come, stir in my dormant spiritual limbs.

Wake up my tired prayer.

Revive my weary efforts of care.

Sing hope into my discouragement.

Wash my dusty, drab attitude

with the cleansing rains of your vision.

Go deep to my roots and penetrate my faith

with the vibrancy of your grace.

Shake loose the old leftover oak leaves

of my tenacious ego-centeredness.

Coax joy to sprout from my difficulties.

Warm the buds of my relationships

so they bloom with healthy love.

Clear out my wintered debris

with the wild breeze of your liberating presence.

Nudge me, woo me, entice me, draw me to you.

I give you my trust and my gratitude as you

grace my slowly thawing spirit.

Light-filled Being, my Joy and my Hope,

let the greening in me begin.


Prayer For The Week – To Christopher

A very dear friend of mine lost his beloved dog this week.  It was sudden and unexpected.  I offer this prayer of comfort for him.

Father, a friend of mine is hurting.

Give comfort to my friend in his loss and sorrow.

Be his refuge and strength, O Lord.

Reassure him of your continuing love

and lift him from the depths of grief

into the peace and light of your presence.

May the loving care of his friends and family

be a source of strength and comfort for him.

May the love and bond he shared with his faithful companion

be a source of joy and peace that will comfort his soul.

And may the warm and loving memories they have shared

be a delight to him in the days ahead.