Prayer For The Week – A Windsurfer’s Prayer

A Windsurfer’s Prayer (from New Zealand)…

Spirit of Love, you are strong and true,

a constant wind to our sails.

Your power will never fail us

but the direction we take depends

on the way we set our sail,

and that skill can only come

from practical experience of journey.

Yes, we studied manuals, examined charts,

listened to the advice of others,

but in the end it’s a matter

of getting out there and doing it.

And we can be sure that just as we think

we’ve got everything under control,

we tack the wrong way and capsize.

That’s the way it is with learning.

Spirit of Love, strong and unchanging,

you teach us that the trough of the wave

is as important as its crest.

Thank you for giving us the freedom

to learn through trial and error

and thank you for showing us

that if we don’t make mistakes

we don’t make anything at all.

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