2 thoughts on “HCR Solution?

  1. Jonathan Blundell

    I can’t see how this would be anything but beneficial.

    I have several friends who make enough money they don’t qualify for Medicare but neither of their jobs offer health insurance or benefits so not only do they not have health insurance, but neither do their kids.

    It’s a mess.

    This seems like a practical solution for me. Not a silver bullet — but a huge drop in the bucket.

    1. gracerules Post author

      Jonathan – Those are exactly my thoughts. I can’t imagine what the arguments would be against this. The greatest thing is that this could be put into place more or less immediately and with virtually no extra cost to the government…and the rates should be very reasonable. Plus it would offer some sort of legitimate competition in regards to the “for profit” insurance corporations which is badly needed. If this doesn’t happen it seems obvious that the majority of politicians are in cahoots with special interest groups/lobbyists.


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