Daily Archives: March 10, 2010

Prayer For The Week – Live Simply

Lord, may we who have plenty

live simply

so that others may simply live.

Amen.   (Nicholas Hutchinson)

(Check out WE LIVE SIMPLY if this prayer is meaningful to you)

HCR Solution?

Rep. Alan Grayson introduces a 4 page bill that would allow anyone to buy into Medicare.  Is this a good HCR solution?  It sounds good to me but I may be missing something. 

Here is Grayson talking about HR 4789:

Poetry I Love

A friend of mine, Adele Sakler, has been writing a lot of poetry and posting it on her blog, Existential Punk, and it has me thinking about some of the poetry I love…so I thought I’d share one of my favorites here.  (Be sure and check out Adele’s poetry too – she has some good stuff. )

Thread by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska

 If I love you

Your life instantly becomes

More fragile than my own,

Your body more frail

Each cough or minor pain

A symptom of some dread

Disease or other.


Death is on every road

Or in every other car

Some nights in my skin

Flutters in apprehension

And I am so threatened that

Caring translates itself

Inside my head to

Stone cold anger.


Because I am unsufficient

Tormented by the frailty

Of you whom I love.

Selfish I

Find you

Necessary for my own definition

Your life is a single thread

It snaps

I wither.