The Selfless Gene by Charles Foster

I just read The Selfless Gene by Charles Foster. Foster says that neither natural selection nor creationism can explain everything in the universe and that we don’t have to choose one side or the other – that there is a better way.

Parts of the book were a little hard for me to get through as it was a little like reading a science text book.  The information presented was correct and even necessary but the delivery wasn’t always compelling and so I found it took me a long time to get through the book.  In the end I was glad to have read the book – I appreciated the way that Foster laid out arguments for and against both sides – encouraging both sides to come out of their corners and engage in a civil and intelligent dialogue in order that they may learn from each other.

I think Foster’s ideas will be upsetting to some (maybe even to many) but I appreciated his idea of these two opposing camps being able to dialogue intelligently and respectfully with each other in order to find more of the truth together than they have been able to find apart and separate.

In the interest of full disclosure, this review is being written for Book Sneeze, a project of Tommy Nelson Publishing House. They send me a book for free, and in return I agree to review it. You can sign up to do the same!

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