A Lucy and Ethel Moment



When I was growing up my mother loved to watch the “I Love Lucy” show. It cracked her up when Lucy and Ethel would get themselves into some crazy predicament. I remember sitting on the couch beside her as we watched their comical antics, both of us laughing to the point of tears. It is one, among many, of my favorite memories of my mom.  Even though she passed away in 1993 I can still hear the sound of her laughing at Lucy and Ethel.  It just so happens that my best friend, Colleen, who lives in San Antonio, is also a big “I Love Lucy” fan.  And so it is probably no surprise that over the years we have dubbed some of our crazy times together as “Lucy and Ethel Moments”.

I was reminded of one of those moments recently when my friend, Jules, who blogs at The Wonderer, published a post that included some funny stories about herself.  (Check out her post here – you will crack up)  All of that to lead up to telling you about the time my friend and I maced ourselves.

My best friend, Colleen, lives in San Antonio, TX.  We usually manage to get together once or twice a year for a few days.  A few years ago I was in San Antonio for a visit.  One evening, after dinner, we relaxed on her patio, drank some wine and talked (talking with each other is one of our favorite things to do when we get together). 

At that time she lived in an apartment that backed up to some undeveloped land that looked like a small forest and was home to a lot of wildlife.  I use the term “wildlife” loosely as the animals were used to being fed by their human neighbors and were not afraid to get up close and personal.  It was really pretty cool the way the deer and squirrels would come right up to you. 

Anyway, there we were, sitting on the patio and here comes an armadillo – or maybe it was a possum – I really can’t remember which one it was now – coming right toward us.  Whatever it was, I remember it was ugly and was making a little grunting noise. We jumped up and started shooing it away.  It moved back a few feet, stopped for a minute or so and then headed back towards us.  Like I said, the wildlife there wasn’t afraid of humans and thought of humans as a source of food.  After a couple of times of shooing the animal away it became more bold.  It began to almost act aggressive and we were a little nervous, wondering if we should just move inside. Colleen said not to worry that if the animal got aggressive she had some mace on her key ring that was sitting on a small table beside her.  I asked her if she had ever used it and she said no and that prompted her to point it off in a direction away from us and away from the animal and spray a little to see if it worked.  It worked and we went back to talking and keeping an eye out to make sure our little friend didn’t sneak back up on the patio.

A few minutes later, my throat started feeling scratchy and felt like it might be closing up AND I started coughing.  I told Colleen what I was feeling and almost at the same time we noticed that there was an A/C unit sitting near the area she had sprayed the mace and realized that it had probably blown the mace back in our direction.  We were already sort of in that giggling mode that you can get to when you have been a little spooked about something (the wildlife) and we started to get tickled and freaked out at the same time. We started asking each other questions about whether we should call 911 because of the mace and we began to imagine how the call would go… 

911 Operator:  “Hello, this is 911, what’s your emergency.”

Me and Colleen: ”We were on the patio and we were afraid of an armadillo that is practically tame because it was sniffing around the patio to see if we had some food and we tested our mace by spraying it where an A/C unit was running and the mace blew back in our direction and well, we ended up macing ourselves.  Our throat is scratchy and feels like it is swelling up.  What should we do?”

911 Operator: “I’m not sure what you should do but I definitely think you need some help.”

We were ROFLOL.  We took our chances and never called 911 and we were okay.  Well, at least we were not harmed by the small dose of mace – whether we were okay or not was up for debate.

Anytime we are together and hear anything about mace we look at each other and start laughing uncontrollably.  It is definitely one of our favorite “Lucy and Ethel moments” ever. 

What about you?  Got any funny stories about yourself or you and a friend that you want to share?

9 thoughts on “A Lucy and Ethel Moment

  1. gracerules Post author

    Colleen – I do remember that – it was one of those “you had to be there” moments. Fun times! And more to come:>)

    Jules – I found Adele’s comment in my spam folder – I don’t know what makes some comments go there when they are obviously not spam – Anyway , I got it out of there and now it is not missing!

    Adele – You can be pretty funny yourself :>)

  2. Jules

    y’all are so cute!!! I love sweet friendships!


    PS: I got a notice that Adele responded some where and all I have to say to said disappearing comment is, this is why you keep me and liz around. 😉 LOL

  3. Colleen

    Yes, it is me, Colleen, from Liz’s “Lucy & Ethel” moment! Even though I was present during this escapade as I have been for so many of them with Liz, because I have had the awesome blessing of her friendship for over 30 yrs. I read this story word for word. I started laughing so hard I was crying. When I remember back on that night I can still hear us freaking out & laughing at the same time about calling 911. There are so many crazy 911 calls they put on the news these days I have no doubt this call would have made it. Liz, do you remember the rocks you gathered & set on the patio table just in case they were needed? Until I moved out of that apartment I kept those rocks right where you had left them…just in case!

    Liz, another came to mind while remembering some of our crazy moments. Do you remember on one visit you made to SATX & since we always love to watch movies together we rented a few. But that particular visit it seemed like every movie we rented people were getting their heads chopped off? It started off with “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” & of course, we knew what to expect w/ that one. But I can’t remember the other 2 movies we had but they also included heads getting chopped off. I remember when it dawned on us this seemed to be the running theme we started to laugh so hard it was uncontrollable & needless to say the particular movie we were watching at that time was never finished.

    Thanks, Liz! Sharing these memories with you are so much fun!

  4. Jules

    lol…I’m glad I’m giving you laugh. 😉 at the time all I can do is go back to the theory I tell my friends….God just made me to entertain him and get in all kinds of hot messes! LOL

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  6. Jules

    LOL…that was awesome!!!! I mean, not the mace part and almost injuring each other, but that is too funny. 😉

    ok….to keep the ball going here another story, recent matter of fact….

    about a month ago I was just really struggling. the thing is with me, when I pray, I pray out loud. I have a conversation! well, I was pretty hot under the collar about somethings I personally think God needs to fix. LOL and I was telling him ALL about it. well, all the sudden there is a knock on my door. there standing at my front door is my dad! he kind of peeks into my house and says, “who are you talking to?” and I look around and say, “um, nobody??? I’m talkng to gggoooddd….” he smiles and then laughs and says, “well, could you try and have a better one?” LOL OMG, I wanted to die. I peak out my one window and there my dad had been working on the yard. LOL (I rent their little mother-in-law house next to their house) LOL *sighs* so bad!!!!


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