American Idol – and the winner is…

Another season of American Idol is over…and it was a good one!  I liked both Adam and Kris and would have been satisfied with either outcome, but the title went to Kris Allen.  So in honor of Kris’s win I thought I would post this video of him singing “God of the City” by Bluetree.

2 thoughts on “American Idol – and the winner is…

  1. gracerules Post author

    Rachel, I can understand why you were pulling for Adam – he is so talented vocally and is such a fantastic entertainer. I look forward to following his career.

    You are so very welcome – I meant every word.

    And thanks for adding me to your reader – I post sporadically here so that is the best way to follow Grace Rules.

  2. Rachel H. Evans

    I was pulling for Adam, but it sounds like Kris is a good guy, so I’m happy for him.

    Also wanted to thank you for your kind words in response to my comment on Tony’s blog. Thanks so much.

    I’ll add your blog to my Google Reader. Great stuff!


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