Stuff That Caught My Eye…

Five Reasons KINGS could help rebuild NBC’s Empire at TV (btw – I really enjoyed the two hour pilot and am looking forward to the next episode)


Time Magazine created a list of 10 ideas that are impacting the world right now and #3 on their list is New Calvinism.”   It has created at lot of buzz.  Go to beauty and depravity (Eugene Cho’s blog) for a good conversation. 


 The InternetMonk (Michael Spencer) has an article at The Christian Science Monitor “The Coming Evangelical Collapse”   and it has sparked a lot of online conversation.  The article started as a three-part series of posts on Spencer’s excellent blog (internetmonk)…the entire discussion is well worth reading.

 ***************************************** is hosting an online quiz called “Belief-O-Matic“. Answer 20 questions about your views on God, salvation, the afterlife, etc., and they’ll tell you which religions are most congenial to your beliefs.

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