Drops Like Stars – Rob Bell’s New Book and Tour Announced


Drops Like Stars” is the title of Rob Bell’s book that will be available in August of this year.  This book is an exploration of the complex relationship between suffering and creativity, driven by the belief that there is art in the agony.

We plot. We plan. We assume things are going to go a certain way. And when they don’t, we find ourselves in a new place—a place we haven’t been before, a place we never would have imagined on our own.
It is the difficult and the unexpected, and maybe even the tragic, that opens us up and frees us to see things in new ways.
Many of the most significant moments in our lives come not because it all went right but because it all fell apart.
Suffering does that. It hurts, but it also creates.

His tour is a two hour presentation on the message of the book.  The tour will begin next month.  He will be here in the Dallas area in November.  I am hoping to attend.

5 thoughts on “Drops Like Stars – Rob Bell’s New Book and Tour Announced

  1. ashly

    Yeah, haven’t seen the book myself but I know that Chuck Anderson from No Pattern is working on it along with some other Grand Rapids designers. I think one of them is the same guy who did the cover for Robs last book. I have also herd that the photography is ridculously amazing. I guess they found a no name photographer who has blown the minds of the publishers. From what I understand we are in for a real treat. The design of the book is supposed to be totally amazing as well. I think they have some jaw dropping suprises in store for us. Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!

  2. grapper

    I have herd that Drpos Like Stars is going to be a “art” type book with some amazing photography and design. Do you know anything about that?

    1. gracerules Post author

      Kevin – Thanks for stopping by. I am thinking about doing a review of this new one by Bell. I have never done a book review on my blog (I am still pretty new to the blogging world). Or maybe I should do a series to promote conversation as I read through the book – like chapter by chapter. What do you think? Have you done anything like that in the past?


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