Get Over It!!!!


I listen to Kidd Kraddick on 106.1 every morning while I am driving to my office.

Kidd and his sidekicks (Kellie, JC, Al and Shannon) are very entertaining and do lots of fun and hilarious bits.  One of my favorite bits is “Get Over It”.

The way it works is that people email or call in about what they want other people to get over.  For instance:

 “To my boyfriend’s ex:  When you text someone 14 times and don’t get any replies you are texting with yourself.  GET OVER IT!”

 “My voicemail is full because it makes me feel important – GET OVER IT!”

 “To everyone with McCain/Palin stickers still on their car – Obama won – GET OVER IT!”

 “To the person at work that manages the office supplies:  Yes, I need another can of Air Duster – I don’t like crumbs in my keyboard and it’s only $4 a can – GET OVER IT!”

 I like the bit so much that I thought it would be fun to add it to my blog – possibly on a monthly basis and ask you what you want to tell someone to get over.

 Here’s one from me:

 Just because someone disagrees with you about a particular interpretation of scripture does NOT mean that they are not a Christian – “GET OVER IT”

 Now, go ahead and try it – it’s very therapeutic….

6 thoughts on “Get Over It!!!!

    1. gracerules Post author

      Peaches – I did hear about you saying that and the story that went along with it and I thought it was priceless. Thanks for coming here and sharing your “get over it” statement. Good luck to you in your new school.

  1. Lance

    To my teacher – Yes, I need to leave class and go to the bathroom even though I went to the bathroom during my lunch break. That was 45 minutes ago and believe it or not I really have to go again and cannot wait. GET OVER IT!!!!

  2. Janice

    To my kids: Yes, I want to know where you are going and who else will be there and what time you will be home…GET OVER IT

  3. Colleen

    Yes, I am driving the speed limit & there is not a way for you to pass me right now. So riding my bumper is not going to get you there any faster or make me go any faster – GET OVER IT!


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