So Many Movies And So Little Time

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There are so many movies out (or about to be released) that I want to see.  It is always this way for me at this time of year.  Here’s what I don’t want to miss:



Revolutionary Road 


Frost / Nixon


Marley & Me


What do you think?

4 thoughts on “So Many Movies And So Little Time

  1. gracerules Post author

    Jonathan – I did get the opportunity to go and see Milk and I am glad I did. It was sad and very thought provoking. I was disappointed that it was playing in so few places here in the Dallas Fort Worth TX area and the theatre we went to was pretty empty. I came away thinking “who was a better representative of Jesus – Anita Bryant or Harvey Milk?” And my husband, Ted, and I also had a conversation about what we would be looking back on 30 years from now and thinking “wow – how could that have happened?”

  2. gracerules Post author

    Thanks for stopping by.

    So far I have seen Marley and Me and Frost / Nixon. Both were very good.

    I will probably also see Benjamin Button and 7 Pounds – although I had forgotten to put them on the list.

    I saw the Bride Wars trailer and it looked funny. And I am hoping that He’s Just Not That Into You turns out to be a good romantic comedy.

    A couple of others that are coming out next year that I’m interested in:
    Julia Roberts and Clive Owens in a movie called “Duplicity” (I don’t think it will be out until March or April) and “New In Town” with Renee Zellweger (I think this one may be out in Feb)

    Like I said – so many movies so little time.

  3. Colleen

    I want to see all those too. I am currently reading Marley & Me. I read it years ago but can’t remember a couple of parts. I can’t handle really sad animal movies so I want to make sure it’s not too sad before I go to the theater. I don’t want to make a scene. LOL If it’s too sad for me then I will just wait till I can watch it at home. But I also want to see…The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 7 pounds w/ Will Smith (this one is very mysterious, they haven’t advertised it much & they don’t let too much known when you do see a trailer), Bedtime Stories (I would like to see with the kids, it looks like a really cute movie. I am not a big Adam Sandler fan but there are a couple of movies he has done for kids that are pretty good) There are also a few in early January that look to be pretty good. Bride Wars, Hotel for Dogs. One in February I am looking forward to & they have already started to advertise is, He’s Just Not That Into You. Romantic Comedy with a lot of young known stars.


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